At Multipieces H & H, you will always find a complete inventory of pneumatic products, a team of professionals and a impeccable service!

We have a wide range of pneumatic products, such as:

Adapters and fittings (brass, steel, stainless steel)
Air guns Compressor
Oil Filters- Regulators-Lubricators
Flexible and auto-retractable hoses and tubing
Hoses and couplers, metric and American
Hose reels Manual and electronic control valves
Mufflers and breathers
Pressure gauges
Pneumatic motors
Quick couplers and swivel joints
Safety valves Stainless steel cylinders
Water separators

Are you looking to improve the performance of your pneumatic system?
Then take a look at the following document which contains useful tips and information that will help you make your system safer and more efficient. Of course, all the products featured in this brochure are available at Multipieces H & H inc.!
Clic here to take a look at this informative document!

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