Industrial Supplies

At Multipieces H & H, we know it is essential to work with quality tools. That is why our inventory is made up of trusted name brand industrial products, known for their professional quality.

Among these products are:

Ball valves
Brass fittings
Cam Locks
Chains and hooks
Collers and clamps, punch lock, oetiker
Electric motors
Gas motors, Honda and others
Gate valves
Hardware (Nuts, bolts, washers, etc.)
High pressure washers and accessories
Hoses and tubing for air, water, oil, food products, chemical products, washing, sandblasting, silicone, welding, ventilation and vaporisation
Lubrication equipment, grease guns, oil guns and accessories, oil canisters
Lubrication products
Manual and air pumps for grease and oil
Plumbing fittings
Rubber sheets and gaskets
Rubber straps
Tube holders

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